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The B B Club, as it is called today, was built in 1916 as the B’nai B’rith Literary Association, a Jewish Social Club.  The club was known from Memphis to New Orleans for its lavish affairs.  The Club’s beautiful hand-carved limestone exterior and marble steps are just a hint of the beauty that awaits those entering The B B CLub.

In the early 1960s the Jewish community of Vicksburg sold the building to The City of Vicksburg.  For the next 35 years, the building housed the City’s police department. Although the City occupied every “nook & cranny” of the building, no damage was done to the fabulous architectural features.  

In the mid 1990s the police department moved to a new modern building and The B B Club was sold to local businessmen committed to historic preservation.  The building has been restored to its original grandeur and a modern kitchen has been installed.  

 THE GRAND BALLROOM – SECOND FLOOR          Dimensions:   60′ x 45′

                Seating capacity:       175

                Standing capacity:     400

The Grand Ballroom (below), located on the second floor is simply spectacular.  From the beautiful arched ceiling  to the ornate balcony, to the intricate woodwork and symmetry of  the tall arched windows on one side and  wall mirrors on the other side, “breathtaking” is the only word consistently used to describe this architectural masterpiece. A small mezzanine overlooks the ball room floor at one end, and there is an elevated stage at the opposite end.


Dimensions of foyer:         30′ x 15′

Dimensions of each side room:        30′ x 14′

Seating capacity each room:         24
Standing capacity each room:       55

The entry hall (left) welcomes guests to the B B Club.  The beautiful staircase leads to The Grand Ballroom. 

The front rooms straight ahead on the first floor are paneled in a beautiful dark mahogany wood (see Foyer below).  The entire downstairs is floored in imported maple.  The thin boards, no longer seen in buildings today, are an indication of the costly construction.

The Library (left) is lined with shelves and antique books.  The music room or Parlor  once housed a grand Victrola.  Today it is perfect for small lunches or dinners. 


Dimensions:    55′ x 30′

Seating Capacity:       110

Standing Capacity:     175

The middle room (above) once served as the Billiard Room.  It is stately with its wood paneled walls and beautiful wooden floors.  It is the perfect size for dinners, lunches or meetings.

Bright and airy is the feeling in the main floor Dining Room (above).  The gorgeous crown molding and magnolia windows are simply elegant.  The room can be used for dinners, meetings or receptions.


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Dimensions:    30′ x 30′

Seating Capacity:        72

Standing Capacity:     115

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