Storycook much does a wedding reception cost?

How Much Does a Wedding Reception at The B B Club Cost?

Here are some things to consider when asking  "How much does a reception at The  B B Club cost?"

1.  You will need to "guesstimate" the number of guests that will be attending your reception.  This will help decide which room(s) you will need for your reception.   B B Club facility fee is based on rooms used.

2.  The catering fee depends upon the type of wedding reception you are planning.  There are three types of receptions:

The Cocktail Reception  This is the most common type of reception held here at The B B Club and throughout Mississippi and most of the south.  The cocktail reception offers hors d’oeuvres and drinks to the guests.  Some tables and chairs are available – but never more than 40% of the number of expected guests.  There is no head table.  Tall cocktail tables are used.

The Dinner Buffet Reception  Guests are seated at tables and then proceed to a buffet line where they are served a full meal (usually meat, starch, vegetable).  If dancing is to take place, the maximum number of guests The Grand Ballroom can seat for this type of reception is approximately 140-150.

The Seated Dinner Reception  This is the most formal type of reception.  Guests are served a full meal at their table by Storycook staff.  The maximum number of guests The Grand Ballroom can seat for this type of reception is approximately 150-160.

3.  The time of the reception will effect the per person cost.  Receptions following early afternoon weddings normally end by 6:00 p.m. and need only serve light hors d’oeuvres.  A reception following a 5:00 p.m. wedding will begin at dinner time and the food served will be the guests’ dinner.  Even if the reception is a cocktail reception, the food must be substantial enough to be considered a meal.  Many people refer to this as "heavy hors d’oeuvres."

4.  How long will the reception last?  While you can have access to The B B Club until midnight, the length of the reception affects the per person catering cost.  The catering cost covers the staffs’ labor, so the longer the reception the more cost for the staff.  (This includes bus boys, servers, kitchen staff, bartenders, and security). 

5.  Will there be a bar?  Will it be a full bar or will just wine and beer be served?  Storycook supplies all glasses, bar set ups, condiments and the bartenders.

6.  The type of food you select for your event will have a large impact on the per person price.  Generally, meat and seafood items will be more expensive than other items.  Labor-intensive individual items cost more than bulk items such as dips and spreads

7.  What other services will you need Storycook to provide?  We can provide staff to cut both the bride’s and groom’s cake, as well as serve punch.  This should be decided on while planning the reception so that ample staff will be on hand to handle all the needed jobs.

8.  Storycook has white or cream chair covers and specialty linens and chair sashes in assorted colors available for an additional fee.   Chair cover and a sash – $4 per chair.  Special table linens – $10 per table. 



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