Entrée Casseroles

Single – 5.50

Small (2-3 servings) – 10.50

Medium (4-6 servings) – 15.99

Large (6-8 servings) – 21.50


Chicken “Divine”

– Old fashion chicken Divan – broccoli, chicken and a cheese sauce – over rice

Chicken Enchiladas

– Flour tortillas stuffed with chicken, cheddar, jack, and a spicy sauce

Chicken & Polenta

– Cubes of chicken, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers on top of polenta and covered with al fredo sauce & parmesan cheese

Chicken Rotel

– Chunks of chicken with vermicelli noodles, peas, rotel tomatoes and cheese

Chicken Tetrazzini

– Tiny egg noodles combined with chicken and mushrooms and tasty sauce

Chicken & Wild Rice

– Tender bites of chicken , sauteed mushrooms and Louisiana-style rice in a creamy sauce


Beef Burgundy

– Lean braised beef tips, pearl onions and mushrooms in a thick burgundy sauce over egg noodles

Beef Enchiladas

– Flour tortillas filled with beef, cheddar, jack, and a sour cream tex-mex sauce

Beef Lombardi

– A spicy meat mixture on top of seasoned egg noodles and topped with 3 different cheeses

Pasta Shells

– Giant pasta shells stuffed with either beef & spinach or an Italian cheese filling

Shepherd’s Pie

– Seasoned beef and green beans in a light tomato gravy topped with mashed potatoes and cheese

Spaghetti Pie

– An angel hair pasta crust filled with a creamy middle and topped with meaty tomato sauce and cheese


Spicy Shrimp Casserole

– Shrimp, rice and vegetables in a spicy sauce

Cheese Straws

Large 12 oz bag – 14.99

Medium 6 oz bag – 7.99

Small 4oz bag – 5.49

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