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Food Recipes That Cannot Be Eaten!

Are you tired of difficult and time-consuming recipes? is at your service to make your spot easier, indeed with its hundreds of homemade recipes, simple, fast and cheap our site offers you a wide choice of recipes : mimosa eggs, red cabbage salad with nuts, tiramisu with speculoos, these recipes carefully selected by our cooking teams are beneficial for your health and very delicious and allow you to share unforgettable moments with your friends and loved ones. Ah, dinner, night after night, we expect you to dazzle after a busy day? Start the chronometer, the Speedy of the recipe play the simpletons! Why complicate yourself, when the evening meal can be cooked quickly and well, in smart little dishes and minute sweets? Don’t worry, when it does, the kitchen only has a complicated list of ingredients to line up, easy and fast, you have the express recipe zero stress!

And there is no question of rushing the recipe, on the pretext that the table is not full. Solo, two or four of you, dare to peck at the end of the fork, a tomato stuffed with rice and pine nuts in a round of oven, a simple casserole egg in less than two, quick-fried turkey vegetable croquettes? Make the meal into unpretentious ideas that blossom Good The Legend, with Swedish meatballs or an unmissable tuna and Laughing Cow croque-monsieur!

All this is very nice, but you are looking for a dish, a real one, a warm and beautiful one that does good for the morale without snacking on the schedule. Easy, the quiche with crab and gruyère stands up to the pie flambée with smoked bacon, when the gratin de macaroni with Bologna rivals the one-pot pasta with salmon and peas! As for the lovers of sweetness, they will slice the tortilla express with potatoes with a comfortable fork.

No food without dessert, even quick, even fingers in the apron. And the sweet can be simplified to ensure the final note! On the fruity side, choose mango and apricot warts or an Apple clafoutis express. On the side of chocolates, decline E the mythical chocolate fondant in a frying pan, the brownie-style mug cake in two minutes in the microwave, or a panna cotta so pure in chocolate!

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