Are your bananas starting to blacken in your fruit basket? The only way to use them without wasting them is to turn them into a delicious homemade dessert! Crumbles, mousses, verrines, cakes, smoothies. There are a thousand ways to prepare them, discover our selection of gourmet recipes that are easy to make!

If your eyes were bigger than your belly, you might have bought too many bananas at the market. The skin turns black, but the flesh remains firm, it’s time to move up a gear and turn them into delicious desserts.

In addition to not losing your bananas, you will cook gourmet recipes that are easy to make. If you don’t want to be disappointed, choose the traditional alliances with vanilla, rum, coconut, caramel or chocolate with these delicious chocolate-and-banana tartlets, Creole crumble or even these rum banana papillotes.

Craving more originality? Rely on our original and festive banana churros recipes and their rum caramel sauce or banana cupcakes.

Dietetic side

Packed with antioxidants and trace elements, bananas are a great source of energy and vitamins. It helps prevent diseases such as cancer or depression and maintains the digestive system. Combine it with healthy foods to prepare tasty and healthy snacks like our banana, chocolate and Walnut vegan cake recipes or banana quinoa porridge.

Banana and coconut pie

Bananas, coconuts, and rum are gathered in this recipe of tartlets (or pie) with flavors of the West Indies. Find out step by step how to prepare this easy and fast dessert and amaze your guests at the time of the dessert or snack.

Banana and soft chocolate Cookies

Ultra mellow thanks to the crushed bananas integrated into the paste, these cookies will melt you with pleasure with their black chocolate nuggets and their delicious scent of vanilla, rum, and lime!

Chestnut Cake, banana and pistachios

Whether for brunch, snack, or energy snack at any time of the day, try this gourmet cake recipe! It consists of wheat flour, chestnut flour, crushed pistachios, crushed bananas, eggs, sugar, butter, a hint of milk, yeast, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Bananas and raisins

Revisit the traditional cherry clafoutis with this exotic and sunny version that will make you travel in the Caribbean! Banana slices are combined with a device based on flour, eggs, unsweetened condensed milk, raisins, and fresh vanilla.

Milk shakes bananas rum-grapes and pistachios

For a fresh and gourmet snack to prepare in 10 minutes, Try This Exotic milkshake recipe! It is made of bananas, vanilla ice cream, lemon juice, raisins, rum, pistachios and crushed almonds for the touch of crunch.

Chocolate Cake and roasted bananas

A good idea recipe for using slightly ripe bananas. Discover the simple recipe for chocolate and banana cake, ideal for dessert or children’s snacks!

Creole Crumble (banana, rum, and raisins)

This creole crumble is the perfect recipe to change from traditional crumble! Easy to carry, apples, bananas, raisins, coconut, and rum are there to give an exotic touch to the dessert of the islands: a delight!