In the south, there is nothing like The Cocktail PaCocktail Buffet Menusrty. The main floor of The B B Club is the perfect place for a cocktail party – to celebrate an engagement, anniversary or birthday or just because…

Storycook Cocktail Buffet Menus are designed for parties where The Party is the main event of the evening. These menus provide food heavy enough to serve as a meal but easy enough to eat while standing and mingling with other guests.

The per person price for these menus begins at $18.00. The price will depend on the number of guests, length of the party and services provided.

As with any event at the B B Club, Storycook will supply cocktail plates, bar glasses, napkins, serving pieces, necessary staff and bartenders.

If you would like to host the party at your home, office or other local venue, Storycook provides full service offsite catering.

Ham Rolls with Kalamata OlivesMini Banana PuddingsFruit and Cheese DisplayCrawfish CardinaleAsparagus wrapped with ProsciuttoVicksburg tomato sandwichesBoiled Shrimp in an Ice BowlPork Focaccia sandwichesMediterranean tableMacaroni and Cheese bites